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How much money is my home or real estate property worth?
  • Pricing your home is not easy. If you ask too much it may never sell, asking too little throws away hard earned equity.
  • A Market Analysis can show current selling prices for similar properties to help you find an asking price reflecting the current market and your own needs.
  • Many factors affect the current market price. Use your Free Market Analysis as a tool to help find where your property fits into the real estate market today

What's a Comparison Market Analysis?

Comparison Market Analysis is the common procedure used to determine the value that a given piece of propery should sell for.  It is done by researching your neighborhood to produce the selling price of up to six properties (similar to yours) that have sold in the last six months.  We will then credit or debit the selling price of each one of the selected houses to account for the differences in features (e.g., waterfront, fireplace, swimming pool, attached garage, boat dock, etc.) between each selected house and yours. 

For example, if one of the selected houses has an attached garage, and yours does not, the value of that feature would be subtracted (debited) from the selling price of that selected house. However, if your house has a feature such as a fireplace and the selected house does not, the value of that feature would be added (credited) to the selling price of the selected house.

Once the selling prices of up to all six properties have been adjusted to account for the differences in features between each house and your own, we will present these figures to you. These figures will provide you with valuable information about the current marketplace and will assist you in making your decision as to the selling price of your house.  The concept of Comparison Market Analysis is based on the premise that most people will not pay more for one house than what they would pay for a comparable house.  Of course, you may set the selling price of your property to be whatever you want it to be. However, a Comparison Market Analysis is a tool that can help you zero in on the right market price so that your house can sell more quickly.

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